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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your lead times and how long does it take to complete paint work?

To order supplies and schedule, AAC can be on site within 2 weeks. Depending on the amount of damage, old graphics, and weather, our time on site can be anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days. We typically continue to allow customers access to your ATM if at all possible. We also offer Emergency service on repairs, most times being on site within 24 hours.

Is your company timely?

AAC strives to be on site on time or ahead of schedule. In the Midwest we always have the possibility for weather related issues, but our philosophy is that we are not the only contractor involved in your installation. We need to be on time and get the job done so that your ATM is up and running by the end of the day.

Are you available for ATM Project Management?

AAC has managed projects across the United States. With 20 years of project management experience we can help you with every aspect of your ATM related projects.

How often should I service my ATM Kiosk?

Kiosks are like cars, you typically wash your car every so often to keep the elements from eating away at the finish. An ATM kiosk has the same finish as your car. If you leave salt and grime on them they will eventually begin to rust. And like the interior of a car, if you never sweep it out or clean up the trash, then trash will eventually get into places it should not. There are moving parts in an ATM kiosk and trash can eventually cause expensive repairs. An ATM kiosk should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year. We offer preventative maintenance as well as monthly quarterly and yearly contracts.

Who can I call to remove and destroy old ATMs and Kiosks?

AAC can remove old equipment and if need be bring your site back to its Pre-ATM/Pre-Kiosk days.

When do I need to upgrade to a new ATM?

That all depends on your corporate strategy and your site requirements. We can receive your new ATM, remove and destroy your old ATM and install the new. Also any modifications to the site can typically be completed during the installation.

Can you store ATM and equipment?

AAC can store your ATMs and bank related equipment for short term or long term.

Is there a benefit of using a national rigging company as opposed to a smaller rigger?

Even though we are smaller than some, we can utilize our partners throughout the US to complete any job. Most large riggers work the same way. For any rigging company it is difficult to keep and employ full time crews due to the ups and downs of the industry. Because of that, it is difficult for any Rigger to truly be national.

Is there a right and wrong way to install an ATM?

Most definitely. ATMs have service clearances as well as ADA issues to adhere to. We have followed up on installations where the wiring was incorrect, the ATM was not secured to the ground, and the ATM itself was not in compliance with ADA requirements. Although we like to see our customers, we only want to see you one time for each installation. Return trips cost everyone time and money.

Is there an advantage to vinyl wraps vs. paint?

Vinyl wraps may allow you more graphics capability since this item is printed. However if vinyl is damaged it is more difficult to spot repair. The cost is comparable.

Do you paint on site or does the item need to be brought back to your facility?

We offer both. If your item has been ordered and not installed, it is much easier to have it delivered to us for painting and then have us install. If your item is needing refurbishment then we can do that on site while the equipment is in operation.

Can you match corporate colors exactly?

Yes we can. By either providing us with a color sample to match or using a PMS color code we can match your corporate brand.

Should I repaint or replace my ATM or Kiosk?

Painting is an inexpensive solution if your issues are mostly cosmetic. To replace an ATM face could cost $2500 or more and to replace a kiosk could start at $20k. Typical repaints cost 20% of that or less and can last 10 years.

When do I need to upgrade to a new ATM?

That all depends on your corporate strategy and your site requirements. We can receive your new ATM, remove and destroy your old ATM and install the new. Also any modifications to the site can typically be completed during the installation.

Do you repair electronic components of the ATM?

AAC only repairs physical damage to kiosks and surrounding. We do not have parts agreements with any manufacturers (like Diebold or NCR).

Do you offer lighting options?

Yes! Many kiosks we installed with neon in the 90s. We can retrofit your kiosk with fluorescent or LED lighting.

Do you offer turnkey installations?

AAC is a full turnkey installer. We can manage your project from the ground up including full construction of your ATM site. We can perform surveys and work with your alarm and video companies or even a preferred contractor to get your site completely operational.

What other products besides ATMs can you install?

AAC installs Night Deposits, Safes, Surrounds, Kiosks, Enclosures, Tube Systems, Coin Machines, Toppers, Graphics Wraps and signs.

Do I have to let the manufacturer handle the installation of my ATM?

No you do not. Many institutions purchase the ATM, kiosk or surround from the manufacturer and then let their own Rigger do the installation.  Many cases this saves the institution not only time, but money as well.

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