Professional ATM Cleaning & Repair Service

By cleaning and repairing your ATM, you will be giving it a longer life.

It seems obvious that ATMs should be periodically cleaned.  We probably don’t need to tell you.  Weather, general use by customers, wildlife, and abuse can be detrimental to the ATM kiosk and its electronics.  This generally causes a reduced life and the need to replace the kiosk before you receive the maximum return on investment.  Cleaning is also the most economical way to give your ATM a quick boost.  At the very least, you should schedule these once a quarter.  Caution: make sure to use an ATM specialist for the cleaning.  Don’t trust anyone with a pressure washer.  ATMs are a unique piece of equipment.  Use a professional ATM service company to reduce the risk of damage.


How often should I service my ATM Kiosk?

Kiosks are like cars, you typically wash your car every so often to keep the elements from eating away at the finish. An ATM kiosk has the same finish as your car. If you leave salt and grime on them they will eventually begin to rust. And like the interior of a car, if you never sweep it out or clean up the trash, then trash will eventually get into places it should not. There are moving parts in an ATM kiosk and trash can eventually cause expensive repairs. An ATM kiosk should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year.

Does my ATM need to be cleaned or painted?

Cleaning is usually the first step if your ATM is newer. Many times, painting isn’t necessary for years after the ATM is installed. If what you are seeing is simply scuffs, dirt, and perhaps some stains from exhaust, chances are that cleaning will do the trick. Painting becomes necessary where there are chips and damage to the paint job or wrap.


Using improper cleaning materials, resulting in damage.

If an ATM is improperly cleaned, it could result in damage to the paint or wrap. Wraps are particularly vulnerable. Be sure that when it comes time to clean your ATM, you save yourself the time, stress, and money by hiring experts who won’t damage your machine.

Repainting an ATM that simply needs cleaning.

At AAC, we believe in providing the best solutions for your bank. That means that we will be honest and straightforward with you when we evaluate your ATM. Sometimes, cleaning an ATM is enough. Sometimes, the integrity of the paint or the wrap has been damaged, so it becomes necessary to repaint or rewrap your ATM.

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